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New African Production, Inc. (NAP) is a general service organization with the purpose of supporting the growth and progress of the World Music community in the U.S. The primary activities of New African Production are: (1) producing recreational, artistic, entertainment and social events; and (2) marketing African music, art, clothing and other merchandise.

Established in 2000 by Senegalese entrepreneur Birane Sarr, our organization has become recognized as a significant force for the advocacy, guidance and development of international performing artists who possess exceptional talent and ability as well as the potential for broad popular appeal.

Initially, NAP promoted concerts by legendary African stars touring in the U.S., such as Baaba Maal (Senegal), Ramatou Diakité (Mali), Awilo Longomba and Kanda Bongo Man (Congo), among others. However, it soon became apparent that many of the great African artists had already emigrated to the U.S. and were in need of professional representation in their new home. It was also clear that the sizable African communities throughout the major cities of the U.S. were an important market that existed completely outside the mainstream music industry.

We stepped in to create opportunities for introducing established and emerging U.S.-based international artists, helping them build their careers by giving them a platform to showcase their skills while expanding the audience for authentic music of all nations and genres.

Over nearly 18 years, some of the artists NAP has presented are: Abdoulaye Diabate (Mali); Alioune Guissé (Senegal); Balla Tounkara (Mali); Brilho de Luz Band (Brazil); Charanga Soleil (Haiti/Cuba/Africa); Charmanto Nkolé (Congo); Cheikh Tairou M’Baye (Senegal/US); Fallou Dieng (Senegal); Grupo Caribe (Puerto Rico/US); King Ibu (Senegal); Lucky Diop (Senegal); Maï Lingani (Burkina Faso); Meta & the Cornerstones (Senegal/US); Mor Dior Bamba (Senegal); Soukous Stars (Congo/US); Velly Bahia & the Kazwa Band (Brazil/US), and Waflash (Senegal).

Along with an impressive list of live events, we ventured into recording production as well. In 2006, NAP produced “Feuk Dieuf”, the first international CD by Senegalese singer Fallou Dieng. That album was critically acclaimed in both the U.S. and Africa and earned him the coveted Djembe D’Or award in 2007. A hit song from that same CD, “Le Diengou de Fallou,” was nominated for a Kora Award in 2008, under the Best Artist category in the heavily competitive West Africa region.

By bringing a consistently high quality of professionalism to every undertaking, New African Production continues to raise the bar for the presentation of African and world music, and for the entertainment industry in general.

NAP added Bideew Bou Bess, and Gokh-Bi System to their roster in 2016 and toured Bideew Bou Bess.  In 2017, NAP added the legendary Zouk Machine/Christiane Obydol (Guadeloupe/Martinique/France) to our roster.

2019/2020 saw NAP developing the 2020 North American tour of the legend, Manu Dibango.  Sadly 2020 brought coronavirus which took our legend, Manu Dibango from this world.  Rest in peace, Maestro, and thank you for the opportunity!  

At present, 2021/2022 North American tours by Manou Gallo, Pape Diouf, Sidy Samb and Gokh-Bi System as well as a 2021 European tour for Pape Diouf are booking and NAP continues working to introduce the new generation of African music to the international stage.

At the 20-year mark, our work continues – going strong!

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